Interviews with Chinese-to-English Literary Translator Bruce Humes

Chimamanda Adichie is leading the rise of an African literature wave in China (Quartz China)

  • African fiction in Chinese translation  *  Popularity of diaspora writers

A Glimpse into a Different World: The Millions Interviews Bruce Humes

  • Translating Confessions of a Jade Lord, a novel by Uyghur author Alat Asem set in Xinjiang

How a writer gives voice to China’s ethnic minorities by translating their stories (South China Morning Post)

  • Childhood: Memories of fascination with foreign tongues  *  Life in wild border town Shenzhen  *  An intense desire to think, live and dream in Chinese  *  Exploring China’s many “Other”  *  Transitioning to Africa


Bruce Humes & his Shanghai Baby

  • The translation process  *  As a male translating a female author  *  Zha Jianying on Shanghai Baby

The BTS Interview: Bruce Humes 徐穆实

  • Translating Fan Wen’s Canticle to the Land  *  Post-Gezi-Protest world: China no longer “home”  *  Chinese exceptionalism and walls


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