The Epic of Manas (玛纳斯史诗): A Multilingual Guide to Related Links


The Epic of Manas

A Multilingual Guide to Related Links

Non-Han Oral Epics


  • Comprehensive 591-page study of China’s oral epics by scholars Lang Ying (朗樱) and J. Rincindorji (仁钦道尔吉). Dedicates 40 pages to Manas, including synopsis, Kyrgyz oral storytelling tradition, and manasqi.

The Manas Epic

The Kyrgyz Epic Manas

  • Selections translated, introduced and annotated by then Ph.D. candidate Elmira Köçümkulkızı, U of Washington (Seattle). Based upon Saiakbai Karalaev’s rendition of the epic.

57 万行《玛纳斯》手抄本被发现原本已被烧毁 (Chinese)

  • News item about discovery of hand-copied Manas libretto in 2014, buried for 56 years to prevent its destruction during the Cultural Revolution. Based on the notes of a manasqi named 艾什玛特·玛木别朱素普.

Legend of Manas

“Manas” Onstage: Ongoing Moves to Sinicize China’s Three Great Oral Epics

The Complicity of Heritage: Cultural Heritage and Genocide in the Uyghur Region

  • Section IV of the report documents efforts by the Chinese authorities to detain and coerce the epic’s performers and researchers


The Bard Jusup Mamay

  • Biography of the most renowned Xinjiang-based, 20th-century manasqi by Manas scholar Lang Ying, published in the academic journal Oral Tradition.

The Kirghiz Singer of Tales

  • Turkic oral epic specialist Karl Reichl on the Manas Epic

居素普·玛玛依评传 (Chinese)

  • Comprehensive 311-page Chinese-language biography by Adili Zhumaturdu (阿地力·朱玛吐尔地) and Tohan Shayik (托汗·依莎克) — bordering on a hagiography — of the recently deceased master manasqi Jusup Mamay. Details his upbringing in Xinjiang, the manasqi and texts that influenced him, and recounts how he recited and helped textualize all eight parts of his classic version of the epic — 232,500 lines! — despite intense persecution during the Cultural Revolution. 

Jusup Mamay, Master Performer of the Kirghiz Manas Epic

  • Partial English translation of the Chinese-language biography of Jusup Mamay above (居素普·玛玛依评传) published in 2021. Translated by Xi’an International Studies University professor Liang Zhenhui (梁真惠) ).

Jusup Mamay, Manaschi: A Rehabilitated Rightist and his Turkic Epic

  • A critical look at how the Chinese literary establishment has lionized the tale and its master storyteller in the interests of cultural appropriation.

Yusuf Mamay ve Manas Destani (Turkish)

  • A study of Jusup Mamay and the Epic of Manas by Turkish scholar Alimcan Inayet.

Research into Translations of the Epic


  •  This 316-page tome by Liang Zhenhui (梁真惠) details and compares various foreign language renditions and their dissemination.

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