A Suite of Poems from China’s Borderlands

Chinese Literature TodayChinese Literature Today’s new edition is out and features a special section featuring bilingual versions of poems by 13 of China’s non-Han poets: Aku Wuwu, Altai (阿尔泰), Asu Yue’er (阿苏越尔), Baoyinhexige (宝音贺希格), Burao Yilu (布饶依露), Mushasijia Eni (俄尼·牧莎斯加), Lu Juan (鲁娟), Ma Deqing (马德清), Mo Du (莫独), Qiangrenliu (羌人六), Sha Ma (沙马), and Yangzi (羊子).

This entire section is introduced by Mark Bender and translated by him and several others, and can be read free online here. 

It’s neat to see that Aku Wuwu’s original text in Nuosu is published here too in romanized form.

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