Gurnah’s Nobel Prize for Literature: One African Publisher’s Take

During the immediate aftermath of the naming of Zanzibar-born author Abdulrazak Gurnah as the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, it seemed that much of the Sinosphere coverage was either scholarly papers penned a few years back by Chinese scholars and reheated for the occasion, or translated snippets of English-language wire service reports pasted together in Chinese. 

So I contacted reporter Chris Kang (康慨) at China Reading Weekly (中华读书报), and recommended he get some feedback from an African publishing professional. Sure enough, Kang rose to the occasion, and here is an excerpt from his Q & A with Richard Ali, Nigerian lawyer, novelist, poet, editor-in-chief of the Jalada Africa Trust and co-founder of Parresia Publishing:




 Click here for full Q & A 全文点这里

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