AfroLit4China Newsbriefs (非漂出版专讯)

非漂出版专讯: 2017.7 AfroLit4China Newsbriefs

Cartographer Alexander Akin asserts that an ancient Chinese map of Africa — proudly cited by China as proof of early Sino-African ties  — may be a copy of a Korean version, and not based on the expeditions of the explorer Zheng He (1371–1435).

The way media in other parts of the world — including China — portray Africa attracted attention at the Zanzibar International Film Festival
(ZIFF) 2017. Africans in Yiwu explores the lives of 18 African families who have settled in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma recently visited Kenya and Rwanda with 38 fellow Chinese billionaires in tow. He spoke at the YouthConnekt Africa summit, an initiative launched by the Rwandan government to encourage entrepreneurship among the country’s youth, and at the University of Nairobi in Kenya. Reports Quartz Africa: From an underdog to one of the richest men in the world, Ma’s story is one that resonates in Kenya. Ma applied

Jack Ma in Rwanda, his first stop in Africa

for 30 jobs, including at KFC when it opened in his home city of Hangzhou. He was rejected from all of them. Unlike Zuckerberg who created Facebook from his Harvard dorm room, Ma struggled to go to college — he failed the entrance exam three times, and started Alibaba from his apartment.

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