Wei Hui’s “Shanghai Baby”: Multilingual Guide to Related Links

Wei Hui’s Shanghai Baby



A Multilingual List of Translations, Book Reviews,

Academic Papers & Related Info


Translations of the Novel

Shanghai Baby, translated by Bruce HumesShanghai Baby (Catalan); Shanghai Baby (English); Shanghai Baby (French); Shanghai Baby (German); Shanghai Baby (Italian); Shanghai Baby (Spanish)

Academic Papers

Packaging a Chinese “Beauty Writer”: Re-reading Shanghai Baby in a Web Context

Shanghai Baby: Beyond China (A Chinese Novel Banished to the West) 

Shanghai Baby, Chinese Xiaozi, and “Pirated” Lifestyles in the Age of Globalization 


徐穆实的中国文学英译 (东方翻译 2016 第 5 期)


Book Reviews

“Shanghai Baby” and “Candy”: Back When Young Female Chinese Writers “Wrote with their Bodies”       

Young and Decadent in Shanghai (Die Gazette)


Transparent Translator Series: Bruce Humes and his “Shanghai Baby” 


Consuming Madame Chrysanthème: Loti’s ‘dolls’ to Shanghai Baby


Sex, Lust, Drugs: Her Novel’s too Much for China

Shanghai Baby (Wikipedia)

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