Shortage of Mongolian-to-Mandarin Literary Translators

In the wake of the recent announcement of the winners of the Duorina Mongolian Literature Prize, Ye Erda (叶尔达), professor of Mongolian language and literature at Beijing’s Central Nationalities University, notes that the current crop of talented Mongolian-to-Mandarin literary translators still far from meets growing demand.

Salhinhee (哈森) took home the top award for her translation of Ayunga’s novel, 满巴扎仓 (Manba Rasang), a thriller set in the late 19th century that revolves around a mysterious Mongolian pharmacopoeia. It was published in the December 2013 issue of Chinese-language People’s Literature magazine (人民文学).

Other Mongolian-to-Chinese translators who rate highly in Ye Erda’s opinion: 马英, 每日寒 and  海泉 .

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