“Madam Atatürk: The First Lady of Modern Turkey” Now Out in English

Ataturk and his wifeThe English translation of the biography of the woman who married Turkey’s “Father of the Nation,” Madam Atatürk: The First Lady of ModernTurkey, has just been launched. Author Ipek Çalışlar stood trial over charges of insulting the memory of Atatürk in her biography of Latife Hanım (Latife Uşakizâde) but was acquitted several years ago. Reports Hürriyet Daily News:

A multilingual intellectual educated at the Sorbonne, Latife’s marriage to Atatürk in 1923 set her apart from her contemporaries, raising her to the pinnacle of political power. She played a central role in the creation of a modern and secular Turkey and campaigned tirelessly for women’s right to vote.

Throughout her marriage, Latife stood beside her husband and acted as his interpreter, promoter and diplomatic aide. However, after only two years of marriage, Atatürk divorced Latife and she soon disappeared from public life. 

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