Mini-database: Modern Turkish Literature in Translation (当代土耳其文学译著迷你数据库)

Updated: Mar 22, 2017 当代土耳其作家、原作品与其翻译版本书名 20th-21st Century Turkish Authors  + Turkish Titles + Translations into West European Languages & Chinese A Sait Faik Abasıyanık Hikayeler / Geschichten aus Istanbul  / Le Samovar / Le Café du coin / Un homme inutile  / Un serpent à Alemdag / Une histoire pour deux Pir Sultan Abdal / Le … Continue reading Mini-database: Modern Turkish Literature in Translation (当代土耳其文学译著迷你数据库)

May 2016: Altaic Storytelling Newsbriefs

走进中国少数民族丛书·蒙古族  (lit., Up Close with the Mongols) the latest volume in a series of Chinese-language books that will eventually profile each of China's 55 officially designated minority ethnicities, has been launched. It is published by Liaoning Ethnic Publishing House. To date, 8 books featuring peoples of northeast China are out: Daur, Evenki, Hezhen, Korean (Chaoxian), … Continue reading May 2016: Altaic Storytelling Newsbriefs