China's Ethnic-themed Fiction in Translation (中国民族题材文学的外译)

Pathlight Spring 2015: A Handful of Pieces by Mongolian and Xinjiang-based Writers

Pathlight Spring 2015The new issue of Pathlight (Spring 2015) Chinese literature in translation is out. Its theme is Nature, and you can download the PDF for free here.A quick look at the contents reveals four pieces that fall at least loosely into the “ethnic-themed” fiction category:Two pieces by Mongolian writers:Wolves Walk Atwain (p 18)

Deng Yiguang (邓一光)


The Nightjar at Dusk (p 28)

Gerelchimig Blackcrane (黑鹤)


And this from/about a Han writer in Xinjiang:

A Village of One (p 56)

Interview with the Author (p 66)

Liu Liangcheng (刘亮程)