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September 2016: Altaic Storytelling Newsbriefs

Journalists in prison: Turkey "on track to surpass China" in 2016 says Financial Times
Journalists in prison: Turkey “on track to surpass China” in 2016 says Financial Times

Can Dündar, former editor-in-chief of Turkey’s Cumhuriyet newspaper, was arrested in late 2015 for publicizing the discovery of a covert arms shipment by the Turkish secret service to radical Islamist organisations fighting government forces in Syria. He was charged with espionage, aiding a terrorist organization, trying to topple the government and revealing state secrets. The newly launched We Are Arrested is Dündar’s account of the discovery, the weighing up of the pros and cons of publishing the news, and the events that unfolded after the decision.

Turkish Literature in Translation (土耳其文学外译)

Translation Crunch: Turkey Revs up for Role as Country of Honor at 2014 Beijing Book Fair

It has been officially announced that Turkey will be the Country of Honor at the 2014 Beijing Int’l Book Fair, as China was at the Istanbul In’tl Book Fair this year.

A dearth of Turkish-to-Chinese translators means Turkish works like this one are often translated from the English.

Which raises several questions:

  • What contemporary works of fiction by Turkish authors are already available in Chinese?
  • Which additional novels are to be published in time for the Beijing Book Fair in late August 2014?
  • Who is going to translate them, and what language(s) will they be translated from?

My table below — which I believe is fairly comprehensive — helps to answer some of these questions, but it’s hard to believe that the Turkish publishing industry would be content with such a short list of works in Chinese.

For its part, Turkey’s government-sponsored TEDA, a program under the Ministry of Culture & Tourism that subsidizes translations and publications into many languages, has offered financial support to the translation and publication of 16 books into Chinese [Dec 28 update: 19], of which 10 have been published so far.

While that may sound like a decent effort, over the years TEDA has subsidized an incredible 1,333 titles, the top recipients being German (209), Bulgarian (169) and Iranian (66) (见表).

Surely Turkey’s government sees a bigger potential market in China than in . . . Bulgaria?

Regardless of who bankrolls the publication of Turkish works to be launched in time for the Beijing Book Fair, another pressing problem is their translation. There are reportedly only a handful of professional Chinese translators who can handle literary translation straight from the Turkish. Shen Zhixing, Xia Yongmin, Yin Tingting and Tang Jiankun do; several of the others listed in the table below can’t.