“Cockroach” – Documentary on Hong Kong protests

Writes Peter Bradshaw at The Guardian about Ai Weiwei’s latest documentary: Cockroach is about the passionate pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, which was triggered by the introduction of the Fugitive Offenders amendment bill by the pro-Chinese Hong Kong government in 2019, exposing protesters to extradition to the Chinese mainland and effectively destroying that minimum of 50 years’ judicial … Continue reading “Cockroach” – Documentary on Hong Kong protests

Ethnic ChinaLit: February 2016 Newsbriefs

Richard Bernstein reviews Perry Link's translation of physicist Fang Lizhi's autobiography, Most Wanted Man in China, and Ji Xianlin's The Cowshed. (Enemy of the State) International publishers, booksellers and free speech advocates have penned an open letter to HK head honcho Leung Chun-ying calling for him to defend HK's interests in the face of China's … Continue reading Ethnic ChinaLit: February 2016 Newsbriefs

The Transparent Translator: Cindy Carter on “Dream of Ding Village”

Here’s my interview with Cindy Carter, Chinese-to-English translator of Dream of Ding Village: Bruce Humes: You studied Japanese and lived in Japan for several years before moving to Beijing. Has your knowledge of Japanese, the people and/or the language been useful to you in mastering Chinese? What made you willing to leave Japan to pursue … Continue reading The Transparent Translator: Cindy Carter on “Dream of Ding Village”