Alat Asem’s 《时间悄悄的嘴脸》: Guide to Related Links

 Alat Asem’s

Confessions of a Jade Lord

《时间悄悄的嘴脸》阿拉提·阿斯木 著

Translated by Bruce Humes and Jun Liu

Author’s Background


Literary Bio

Présentation: Alat Asem (en français)

Book Reviews

Turkey’s Sabah: A Gem of Uyghur Literature

Academic Papers

翟晓甜 张治安:阿拉提·阿斯木的超越与创新——读《时间悄悄的嘴脸》 

Renditions of the Novel

Chinese original: 《时间悄悄的嘴脸》 

Excerpt: Rechristening a High-rise (Chapter 19)

The Translation Process 

Co-translating a Chinese Novel: An Attempt at Meaningful Cultural Dialogue by Jun Liu

Other Translations of Fiction by

Uyghur Author Alat Asem (غەيرەت ئاسىم)

Sidik Golden MobOff (斯迪克金子关机) 

The Only Real Man (最后的男人)


Uyghur Writer Explores New Boundaries



《时间悄悄的嘴脸》获颁第十一届 “骏马奖” 感言

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