Talking Translation (翻译话题)

建议:建立 ‘驻地翻译基金’,积极征募外国翻译家到中国短期居住

我发表 Open Letter to China Literary Exports, Inc. 之后,《中华读书报》采访了我。欢迎访问:

翻译家徐穆实呼吁:中国文学 “走出去” 的战略要落实到实处

有意思的是,在临时发表之前,下面带 “-” 的文字被编辑删除:



2 replies on “建议:建立 ‘驻地翻译基金’,积极征募外国翻译家到中国短期居住”

I agree that translators should be funded in one way or another so that they may complete their translation projects, thus translators-in-residence programme is a good way to attract great translators to great writers and their great works. We can find quite a lot of writer-in-residence programmes both in China and abroad, but we seldom see any translator-in-residence programmes.
Currently I have been working on the translation of Doris Lessing’ short story collection “To Room Nineteen” in collaboration with the People’s Literature Publishing House in Beijing, I am seeking an opportunity to work as a translator-in-residence in Britain or any other English speaking countries so as to deal with the questions during my translation. Any help or information will be appreciated.


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