HK July 17 Event: Chi Zijian, Author of “Last Quarter of the Moon,” in Conversation at HK Book Fair

The event will be held in Mandarin/Cantonese:

文学的山河— 从《额尔古纳河右岸》到《群山之巅》
日期: 7 月 17 日 (星期五)
时间: 上午 11 时 30 分至下午 1 时
地点: 香港会议展览中心 会议室 S226-227
讲者: 迟子建
主持: 曾瀞漪

Hong Kong and Cambridge Events: Spotlight on the Tungus-speaking Orochen and Evenki

Event: The Orochen – China’s Last Nomadic Hunters, a Royal Geographical Society presentation by Sih Hing Chao (founder of the Orochen Foundation)

Venue: 1/F The Hong Kong Club, 1 Jackson Road, Central, Hong Kong

Time/date: June 16, Drinks Reception 6.30 pm; Lecture 7.30 pm

Reservations/info: (HK$150 for RGS members, HK$200 for non-members)

The Orochen [鄂伦春] first entered Chinese historic annals during Emperor Kangxi’s reign as reindeer herders, but gradually gave up the reindeer for the horse. Over time, they developed a nomadic horse-breeding hunter-gatherer culture highly specialised in the hunting of various deer species prevalent in the Khingan Mountains.

During the Qing dynasty, the Orochen played a significant role in the Manchu imperial military forces, as part of the “all-conquering” Solon Eight Banners [索伦八旗], which consisted of a number of horse-based ethnic groups. The Solon Banners fought in campaigns as far-flung across Asia as Nepal, Sichuan, Korea and Vietnam, providing the finest cavalry for the imperial troops. 


Event: River Stars Reindeer, exhibition of photos of the Evenki and Orochen communities in the early 20th century

Venue: Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Time/date: June 23 to September 27, 2015

Previously unseen photographs capturing life in a remote corner of the world a hundred years ago will be displayed for the first time as part of  “River Stars Reindeer” at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

A shaman, a shamaness, and a Achinsk Lama with their helpers (photo by Sergei Shirokogoroff)

A shaman, a shamaness, and a Achinsk Lama with their helpers (photo by Sergei Shirokogoroff)


The photographs record the indigenous Evenki [鄂温克] and Orochen [鄂伦春] communities and were made by Russian ethnographer Sergei Shirokogoroff and his wife Elizabeth between 1912-1917, and by Cambridge graduate Ethel Lindgren and her husband, Oscar Mamen, between 1929-1932.

Amsterdam June 3rd Event: Speech on “Beginning of China’s Ethnicity Challenge”

Time/venue: 16:00-17:00 on June 3, University of Amsterdam Agnietenkapel Oudezijds Voorburgwal 229 – 231

Registration: Limited seating. Register in advance via or +31 (0) 20 525 2262.

Speaker: Dr Xiang Biao, lecturer in anthropology and migration studies at Oxford. Author of The Intermediary TrapGlobal Bodyshopping, Transcending Boundaries, and Return: Nationalizing Transnational Mobility in Asia.

Topic: China is quietly changing its ethnicity policy. The current Regional Nationality Autonomy paradigm is criticized for risking consolidating ethnic groups into nations, and an assimilationist approach is increasingly evident in recent policies. Instead of providing solutions, this shift could be the beginning of China’s ethnicity challenge – the challenge of widespread identity-based entitlements.

Beijing Jan 17 Event: Sheng Keyi to Launch Novel at her Premier Solo Painting Exhibition

You may recognize the name of Sheng Keyi (盛可以) as the novelist who wrote Northern Girls (北妹)Sheng Keyi and more recently Death Fugue (死亡赋格), both translated into English. But you might not know that she is a budding artist as well. She took up painting in 2013. Check out her brushwork here.

You are invited to attend the exhibition, comprising 26 tableaux, as well as the launch of her latest novel, Savage Growth (野蛮生长), which also features her own illustrations:

Date/time: 3:00-5:00 pm, January 17
Venue: New Millenium Gallery (北京千年时间画廊)
Curator: Zhang Siyong (张思永)
Academic Support: Feng Tang (冯唐)
Special Guests: Li Jingze (李敬泽), Liu Zhenyun (刘震云), Wu Hongbin (武洪滨), Li Jian (李健), Li Xiuwen (李修文) and A Yi (阿乙)

Paris Dec 15-16 Event: “Popular Memory of the Mao Era and its Impact on History”

Organizers: Maison Suger (Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, FMSH), and Centre d’études et de recherches internationales (CERI, Sciences-Po)

Venue: Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, 16 – 18 rue Suger, 75006 Paris.


Day 1 – 15 December, Maison Suger (FMSH) 


Discussant: Patricia Thornton (Oxford University)

Kirk Denton (Ohio State University)

  • “Do Private Museums Offer Space for Alternative History in China? The Jianchuan Museum Cluster, Anren, Sichuan”

Daniel Leese (Universität Freiburg)

  • “Redressing Past Injustices in the People’s Republic of China: The Case of Beijing Fengtai District, 1978-79″

Wu Si 

  • “On the collective memory of the Mao era: the case of the journal Annals of the Yellow Emperor” 《关于毛泽东时代的集体记忆:以炎黄春秋为例》

12:30-14:30: LUNCH


Discussant: Luba Jurgenson (University of Paris-Sorbonne)

Judith Pernin (CEFC, IHTP)

  • “Recording and staging memory – Two independent films about the rightist Zhang Xianchi”

Sebastian Veg (CEFC, EHESS)

  • “Fictional and documentary writing about the Mao Years in the 21st century: Yang Xianhui, Yang Jisheng, Yan Lianke”

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Beijing Nov 12-13 Event: IEL Seminar on Epic Studies and Oral Tradition Research

Contact: 玉兰  010-85195635 / 85195626 / 13720059409  Application form

Date: 2014 年 11 月 12-13 日

Venue: 北京东城区王府井大街 27 号 北京社科博源宾馆主楼 8 层


  • 帕卡·哈卡米斯(芬兰土尔库大学历史文艺学院 教授)
    Innovations in the study of epic by Lauri Honko
  • 马克·本德尔(美国俄亥俄州立大学东亚语言文学系 教授 系主任)
    Strategies for Supporting References to Folk Material Culture and Imagery of the Environment in Yi and Miao Epics
  • 奥奈·恩格兰郝文(荷兰莱顿大学亚洲研究学院 讲师)
    Interpreting the spoor of the Sailfish: narrative topology and narrative artifacts
  • 朝戈金(中国社会科学院民族文学所 研究员 所长)
  • 陈岗龙(北京大学外国语学院 教授)
  • 阿地里·居玛吐尔地(中国社科院民族文学研究所 研究员)
  • 黄群(中国社科院民族文学研究所 副研究员)
  • 姚慧(中国社会科学院民族文学所 助理研究员)

2014 Beijing Book Fair: English-language Guide to Literary Events

August 25 Update: Now Complete & Online — Full Official BIBF Schedule of Literary Events in English (Aug 27-31) Or, if you want it in Chinese, click 活动手册

Sino-Russia Literary Forum (9:00 -17:00, Aug 28, 29)

All day event featuring various Russian and Chinese writers making presentations and engaging in round-table discussions. Russian writers: Irina Barmetova, Ivor Volgin,Sergey Esin, Olga Slavnikova, Igor Egorov, Alexander Girgorenko, Alexander Arhangelski, Valeria Putsovaya,Maxin Amelin, Aleksey Varlamov. Chinese writers: He Jianming, Liang Hongying, Zhaomei, Qiu Huadong, Li Er, Qiao Ye, Zhang Qinghua, Qiao Liang Wang Hongjia. [Read more…]

Aug 21 Update: Qingdao to Host Translation Conference in Run-up to Beijing Int’l Book Fair

Qingdao will be the venue for an international translation conference (“中国出版翻译恳谈会”) during Aug 24-25, 2014. It is sponsored by the state-run China Publishing Group (中国出版集团公司).  The press release positions the event as “affiliated” with the Beijing Int’l Book Fair (“BIBF 的分会场和重要活动之一”).

The organizers have provided me with an impressive list of 26 international Sinologists and translators who will be taking part from Austria, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the U.S. They include German Sinologist Wolfgang Kubin; Ezra Vogel (author, Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China); Nicoletta Pesaro (Italian translator of Ma Jian and Yu Hua); Turkey’s Giray Fidan (author, Ottoman Firearms and Ottomans in China during the Kanuni Era); France’s Gilles Cabrero (co-translator, Le Périple de Xiang); and Sabaree Mitra of India (Chinese Women Writers and Gender Discourse). [Read more…]

Beijing Int’l Book Fair Evening Literary Events (Aug 28-Sep 1)

Here’s the Chinese page for this info: 文学之夜 . We can be reasonably (!) certain there will be simultaneous interpretation . . . [Read more…]

Turkey-related Events at Beijing Int’l Book Fair (Aug 27-31)

Turkey is the “Country of Honor” at the upcoming Beijing Int’l Book Fair (Aug 27-31), and with the help of the BIBF’s Mr. Xiao Guanglu and Ms. Tütengül Küçüker at Istanbul’s Kalem Agency, I now have a full (draft) schedule of related events.


Details such as time, venue and specific participants may change!

At the Turkish Pavilion (Hall W2)

  • Frequent “mini-concerts” of Turkish music during entire book fair
  • All-day Exhibitions: “Ottoman Empire through Chinese Eyes” (photos); “Cultural destinations in Turkey” (3D photos); “Domes” (holograms); and illustrations by Turkish artists; and Anatolian folk toys
  • 3,000 books on display. Based on my own research, only a few dozen will be in Chinese, mind you. If translators met their deadlines, they could include a handful of contemporary novels newly rendered in Chinese such as The Lost Word by Oya Boydar, who spent several years in exile in Germany, and touches here on the sensitive topic of the Kurdish struggle for a separate homeland; Istanbul Was a Fairy Tale, by Mario Levi, descendant of a family of Sephardic Jews; two novels by Hande Altaylı (Maraz, and Aska Şeytan Karışır); Reha Çamuroğlu (Bir Anlık Gecikme); Çiler Ilhan (Sürgün); Emrah Polat (Köpek Adamlar); Ahmet Ümit (Istanbul Hatırası); Ece Vahapoğlu (Öteki); and — hopefully — what is widely regarded as the most outstanding Turkish novel of the 20th century, The Time Regulation Institute by Ahmet Tanpınar. For a fuller list of Turkish novels already or soon to be out in Chinese, including works by Elif Şafak, Orhan Pamuk, Canan Tan and Ayşe Kulin, see Translation Crunch.

Workshops: Traditional Turkish Arts (E1 BO2, all day)

  • Calligraphy, Marbling and Illumination

Turkey’s Translation & Publication Grant Program  [Read more…]