2014 Beijing Book Fair: English-language Guide to Literary Events

August 25 Update: Now Complete & Online — Full Official BIBF Schedule of Literary Events in English (Aug 27-31) Or, if you want it in Chinese, click 活动手册

Sino-Russia Literary Forum (9:00 -17:00, Aug 28, 29)

All day event featuring various Russian and Chinese writers making presentations and engaging in round-table discussions. Russian writers: Irina Barmetova, Ivor Volgin,Sergey Esin, Olga Slavnikova, Igor Egorov, Alexander Girgorenko, Alexander Arhangelski, Valeria Putsovaya,Maxin Amelin, Aleksey Varlamov. Chinese writers: He Jianming, Liang Hongying, Zhaomei, Qiu Huadong, Li Er, Qiao Ye, Zhang Qinghua, Qiao Liang Wang Hongjia. [Read more...]

Aug 21 Update: Qingdao to Host Translation Conference in Run-up to Beijing Int’l Book Fair

Qingdao will be the venue for an international translation conference (“中国出版翻译恳谈会”) during Aug 24-25, 2014. It is sponsored by the state-run China Publishing Group (中国出版集团公司).  The press release positions the event as “affiliated” with the Beijing Int’l Book Fair (“BIBF 的分会场和重要活动之一”).

The organizers have provided me with an impressive list of 26 international Sinologists and translators who will be taking part from Austria, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the U.S. They include German Sinologist Wolfgang Kubin; Ezra Vogel (author, Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China); Nicoletta Pesaro (Italian translator of Ma Jian and Yu Hua); Turkey’s Giray Fidan (author, Ottoman Firearms and Ottomans in China during the Kanuni Era); France’s Gilles Cabrero (co-translator, Le Périple de Xiang); and Sabaree Mitra of India (Chinese Women Writers and Gender Discourse). [Read more...]

Beijing Int’l Book Fair Evening Literary Events (Aug 28-Sep 1)

Here’s the Chinese page for this info: 文学之夜 . We can be reasonably (!) certain there will be simultaneous interpretation . . . [Read more...]

Turkey-related Events at Beijing Int’l Book Fair (Aug 27-31)

Turkey is the “Country of Honor” at the upcoming Beijing Int’l Book Fair (Aug 27-31), and with the help of the BIBF’s Mr. Xiao Guanglu and Ms. Tütengül Küçüker at Istanbul’s Kalem Agency, I now have a full (draft) schedule of related events.


Details such as time, venue and specific participants may change!

At the Turkish Pavilion (Hall W2)

  • Frequent “mini-concerts” of Turkish music during entire book fair
  • All-day Exhibitions: “Ottoman Empire through Chinese Eyes” (photos); “Cultural destinations in Turkey” (3D photos); “Domes” (holograms); and illustrations by Turkish artists; and Anatolian folk toys
  • 3,000 books on display. Based on my own research, only a few dozen will be in Chinese, mind you. If translators met their deadlines, they could include a handful of contemporary novels newly rendered in Chinese such as The Lost Word by Oya Boydar, who spent several years in exile in Germany, and touches here on the sensitive topic of the Kurdish struggle for a separate homeland; Istanbul Was a Fairy Tale, by Mario Levi, descendant of a family of Sephardic Jews; two novels by Hande Altaylı (Maraz, and Aska Şeytan Karışır); Reha Çamuroğlu (Bir Anlık Gecikme); Çiler Ilhan (Sürgün); Emrah Polat (Köpek Adamlar); Ahmet Ümit (Istanbul Hatırası); Ece Vahapoğlu (Öteki); and — hopefully — what is widely regarded as the most outstanding Turkish novel of the 20th century, The Time Regulation Institute by Ahmet Tanpınar. For a fuller list of Turkish novels already or soon to be out in Chinese, including works by Elif Şafak, Orhan Pamuk, Canan Tan and Ayşe Kulin, see Translation Crunch.

Workshops: Traditional Turkish Arts (E1 BO2, all day)

  • Calligraphy, Marbling and Illumination

Turkey’s Translation & Publication Grant Program  [Read more...]

Talking Translation at 2014 Shanghai Book Fair (Aug 12-19)

I note that there are four events at the 2014 Shanghai Book Fair’s International Literature Week around the theme of “translation.” The schedule is in Chinese (上海国际文学周), and I’m not sure if simultaneous interpretation will be provided — though you’d hope so since many participants are not Chinese:

Aug 12 (14:00-18:00) “Literature and Translation: Inside another Language”

Aug 14 (14:00-16:30) “Translation Reception by Readers and Payback”

  • Participants: American poet Robert Hass, plus a female American poet and a Chinese poet, 王家新

Aug 18 (14:00-16:00) “Looking in the Mirror: Shanghai Young Translator Salon”

  • Participants: 曹元勇, 黄昱宁, 冯涛, 于是 and others

Aug 18 (16:30-18:00) “Minor Languages vs. Major Languages”

  • Participants: Translator of French literature 周克希, and a literary translator from France

Hong Kong Book Fair (Jul 16-22): Seminar Topics Push the Envelope

A glance at the topics for seminars starring Chinese writers seem a tad provocative: “KMT Party Member Mao Zedong”; “Hong Kong and Taiwan Literature in the Era of Resistance”; “Mainland Writers — Luxury and Dilemma”.

Glad I don’t have to sell those topics to my Mainland Minder!

At any rate, the schedule for the book fair’s Famous Chinese Writer Seminar Series (名作家讲座系列) is online now here. It is in Chinese, and these seminars will be in Cantonese/Mandarin.

Here are a few of the writers who will be there:

Wu Ming-yi (吴明益); Yan Lianke (阎连科); Li Ao (李敖); Yan Geling (严歌苓); Chen Xue (陈雪); Jiang Fangzhou (蒋方舟)

Beijing June 10 Event: Mihály Hoppál on Folk Beliefs

主题:    民间信仰诸问题

主讲人:米哈依·霍帕尔((Mihály Hoppál,匈牙利科学院教授 )

时间:     2014 年 6 月 10 周二 10:30-11:30

地点:     中国社会科学院民族文学所会议室(建国门大街 5 号1103 室)​


米哈依·霍帕尔((Mihály Hoppál),匈牙利科学院教授、民族学研究所前所长,国际萨满文化研究会主席。主要研究比较神话学与萨满教,曾在西伯利亚等地做田野调查,编纂有《西伯利亚的萨满》(1978)、《萨满:历史与当下》(1989)等论文集,并著有《转型下的萨满传统》(2000)、《神话学与乌拉尔语系下的萨满研究》(2000)等书。

May 3 New York Event: “Translating on the Edge”

Date/time: Saturday, May 3 at 13:00

Venue: Frederick P. Rose Auditorium, The Cooper Union 41 Cooper Square, NY

Panelists: Robyn Creswel, Bonnie Huie and Sara Khalili

Topic: Translating on the Edge—Translation can be dangerous and subversive from a literary perspective. It can also take on a political or ideological dimension. Two translators of Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses were attacked, one fatally, while the Turkish translator and publisher of William S. Burroughs’s The Soft Machine were put on trial. In other far less visible cases, translations have been suppressed for the voices and ideas they convey, and not for any lack of literary or cultural merit. This panel brings together translators who have worked with texts considered blasphemous, obscene, or otherwise dangerous to offer their views on the place where art meets politics.

伊斯坦布尔 5 月 5-11 日:Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival

土耳其最大的文学节的节目表刚发表(City & Journey)。 “Tanpinar” 指的是 20 世纪土耳其作家阿赫迈特·哈姆迪·唐帕纳尔  。他著名小说 The Time Regulation Institute 的中文版今年内将由上海文艺出版社出版。

istanbul tapinar literature festival1

2014年文学节的主题是 “城市与旅程”,将有 80 多位作家、文学翻译与新闻工作者演讲或参与座谈会。题目包括各种个样 “在路上”的探讨,奥斯曼时代到 21 世纪共和国的美食文化,以及用突厥语言之外的少数民族文学,例如亚美尼亚、库尔德语等。