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Chi Zijian’s Last Quarter of the Moon


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Dutch (Het laatste kwartier van de maan); English (Lastchi-zijians-last-quarter-of-the-moon-in-korean
Quarter of the Moon
; French (Le dernier quartier de
);  Italian (Ultimo quarto di Luna); Japanese (アルグン川の右岸) ; Korean (《어얼구나 강의 오른쪽》); Spanish (A la orilla derecha del Río Argún) and Swedish (På floden Arguns södra strand). A Turkish edition was planned, but I haven’t found any links indicating it was actually published.

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  1. As soon as I started reading Chi Zijian’s ‘The Last Quarter of the Moon’ I was sucked in. I did not see the author at all; I was immersed in the lives of the characters, their camp life, their migrations and events in their lives along the banks of the Argun. It is a wonderful story beautifully translated into English.

    Chi Zijian has clearly done her research about the Evenks. However, I found one aspect increasingly intrusive and heavy-handed as I was reading: every time the shaman heals someone, the life of one of her own children is taken in exchange.

    I wonder if there is any historical basis in shamanism for the concept that a life for a life should specifically mean the life of the shaman’s own child. (In this story, the Evenks themselves decide to discontinue shamanism because of the high emotional cost to the shamans and their loved ones.) There is also no mention of hostile shamans. Some articles suggest that protection against evil spirits sent by other shamans was an important feature of shamanism.

    I would be very interested learn more about these questions.

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